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    Let's celebrate HERO ARTS!

    Today is a special day, as we are lucky enough to help Hero Arts celebrate 45 YEARS in this amazing crafting industry! We've designed a special Turnabout™ stamp set just for Hero Arts! You may ask yourself why we would design a stamp set for Hero Arts to sell. We love collaborating with other companies in our industry, because it shows support, and they are also our dear friends! So, why not?

    Props Turnabout™ is a whimsical set with journal doodling in mind! Sentiments include "you amaze me", "so proud of you", "of course you did it" and has fun icon imagery too! This not only speaks to how we feel about Hero Arts being in business for 45 years, but you can use it for so many occasions too! Graduation, new job, good grades, etc.!

    New to Turnabouts™? You can check out our Turnabout™ page to "LEARN TO TURN" and all the different tools we offer for this fun form of stamping, die cutting and stenciling too!

    For those familiar with Turnabouts™, here is what Props Turnabout™ looks like stamped one time, two times, three times, and all four times!

    Props Turnabout™ was also designed to coordinate with Hero Arts Rounded Rectangle Infinity Dies! Die cut around the large solid rectangle image in the stamp set to pop that off your card for a focal point. The large "you amaze me" stamps inside the solid rectangle too! Here are some projects we created to celebrate Hero Arts amazing milestone...





    Hero Arts will begin selling Props Turnabout™ plus our 6"x6" Turnabout™ Jig on Wed, 6/26 at 9am MT! Get them while you can!

    Would you like to see even more projects? Join the celebratory blog hop!
    Here is the list of hoppers...

    Jessica Frost-Ballas . https://www.allthesparkle.com/
    Caly Person . https://calyperson.com/

    PROPS to Hero Arts for celebrating 45 years, being a leader in this industry, and for their support and friendship with Concord & 9th!


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