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    About Us

    The story of Concord & 9th really begins with the story of YOU: stamper, crafter, creator. Our cofounder, Greg, is himself a creator and saw the opportunity to create unique, high-quality products that would inspire passion and creativity in people just like him.

    To provide innovative, high-caliber products that inspire creativity and a love for making.


    Concord & 9th literally referred to the streets of our company’s founders’ homes. And from that was born our slogan:

    Concord & 9th: Where Creativity Meets

    As you share your creativity with us on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK, we consider Concord & 9th not just the crossroads of our creativity, but the crossroads of all of our creativity. And we love “meeting” you as we interact with you on our social media and as you reach out to let us know what you love, what you don’t love, what works, what doesn’t. We continue to be inspired by you and by what inspires you!

    Creativity is not born in a silo; it’s the result of a community of passionate people coming together, sharing ideas and stories, and inspiring each other. So come to Concord & 9th―be inspired and inspire others. After all, it’s where you and creativity meet!

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