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    Turnabouts™ are Concord & 9th’s exclusive line of stamps, dies, and stencils that use our trademarked process to create beautiful and bold backgrounds with just four turns of your paper!



    Before you can begin turning, you need a few tools.

    1. MISTI® (Original)

    2. Cardstock

    3. Jig (sold separately) and alignment aid (included with stamp set)

    4. Turnabout stamp set

    5. Four colors of ink

    6. Adhesive Remover

    7. Repositionable Adhesive Dots



    Follow our easy Learn to Turn Step-by-Step Guide and become a turning superstar in eight easy steps!

    Peel Turnabout™ image off stamp set backer and position face down onto alignment aid. 


    Place Turnabout Jig on MISTI ensuring “1” on Jig is in top right corner. Place alignment aid “X” on top of Jig “X”.


    Close MISTI lid to pick up stamp; peel alignment aid off. Turnabout is perfectly placed and ready for stamping!


    Fold card in half and apply Temporary Adhesive to back. Adhere card to center of Jig using Jig’s registration marks for alignment (Note: There are registration marks for both portrait and landscape cards).


    Ink Turnabout image using first color of ink and close MISTI lid to stamp Turnabout image on card.


    Open MISTI lid, and rotate Jig clockwise a quarter turn so “2” is now in top right corner. Stamp Turnabout image in second color of ink.


    Continue turning Jig a quarter turn to stamp third and fourth colors of ink.


    Remove card from Jig and rub off Temporary Adhesive using Adhesive Remover. Add sentiment. Share with a friend!



    If you're new to turning, try these easy-to-use Turnabout stamps:

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    Star Turnabout Stamp Set

    Thankful Leaves Turnabout Stamp Set



    Watch our Learn to Turn video below anytime you need a quick turning refresher! And be sure to watch the video on each individual Turnabout product page for tips & tricks on using Turnabouts.