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    Turnabout™ Alignment Aid Pack (2017-2018)

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    Alignment Aids replace the need for a sharpie, ruler, and marking the back of your Turnabout™ Stamps! If you've purchased any Turnabout Stamps prior to January 2019, you can now get alignment aids to help you turn! Watch the video to learn to turn with these alignment aids. You'll also want one of our Turnabout™ Jigs to complete your Turnabout tools for precise stamping. PLEASE NOTE: You only need this item if you purchased your Turnabout Stamps prior to January 2019 OR you have lost an Alignment Aid and need a replacement.

    Pack consists of 26 alignment aids for the following Turnabout stamp sets:

    NOTE: Only past alignment aids are sold in this pack. Not for sale individually.