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    Kindness Blooms Turnabout™ Stamp Set

    Our Turnabouts just keep getting better! The Kindness Blooms Turnabout™ Stamp Set can be used in two different ways: the traditional four inks and four turns for a background of colorful little blossoms; or just turn the paper twice, and use the included bonus alignment aid to stamp the large blossoms in the empty spaces. Gorgeous! Coordinates with the Kindness Blooms Dies. Turnabout imagery in gray. 26 stamps; includes two alignment aids. 6" x 8". 

    Get a discount when you buy the stamp set and the Kindness Blooms Dies together in a bundle!

    Please note: To use our Turnabout stamps, you will need a Jig (sold separately).

    Watch the videos below for tips & tricks on using the Kindness Blooms Bundle