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    Hexagon Designer Dies

    The Hexagon Designer Dies allow you to design anything you want! Use the all-over hexagon die as your template; or use the little fallout hexagon pieces as your fillers in a spectrum of colors! Design shapes, words, or fun tile-looking patterns. You can also create fun shaker cards with the hexagon fall-out pieces! Use the two long, zigzag dies as quick stripes behind the hexagon pattern—it's easier to use these than to piece in each individual hexagon if you want an entire row all the same color. Set includes 11 patterns to help you get started! 2 pieces.

    TIP: Use with Repositionable Adhesive Dots if you want to lift the die-cut hexagon guide off your project after adding in the individual hexagon tiles. Another handy tool to use with this die is our Die Release Tool.

    Watch the videos below for tips & tricks on using the Hexagon Designer Dies.