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    Retro Petals Turnabout™ Stamp Set

    The Retro Petals Turnabout™ Stamp Set sends happy thoughts with every card created! Turn the Turnabout twice, get petals for adorable flowers that you can finish off with the coordinating Retro Petals Turnabout Stencils. Turn it four times for a cool retro circular design. With the addition of the stencils, you can even use more than four colors; plus, you can create ombre colors, texture with paste, and more! Turnabout imagery in gray. 6" x 8". 7 stamps.

    Get a discount when you buy the stamp set and the Retro Petals Turnabout Stencils together in a bundle!

    Please note: To use our Turnabout stamps, you will need a Jig (sold separately).

    Watch the videos below for tips & tricks on using the Retro Petals Turnabout Bundle