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    Retro Petals Turnabout™ Stencils

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    Coordinates with the Retro Petals Turnabout™ Stamp Set. Add in the Retro Petals Turnabout™ Stencils for greater creative options! The Turnabout stencil gives you the opportunity to use more colors than you can with the Turnabout stamp set; create ombre colors and texture with paste, etc. Additionally, by offsetting the stamp and stencil, you'll find even more ways to innovate!

    The diamond stencil can be used on its own or to fill in the middle of the Turnabout stamp/stencil pattern when laid over the top. The "hugs" stencil adds flowers to the mix—and, as we all know, flowers are always good! 3 pieces.

    Get a discount when you buy the stencils and the Retro Petals Turnabout Stamp Set together in a bundle!

    Watch the videos below for tips & tricks on using the Retro Petals Turnabout Bundle.