January 2019 Guest Designers w/Everyday Turnabout™ Toolkit

Welcome to 2019! We are starting off this year with a Turnabout™ party! We've come out with a Turnabout™ Toolkit, new Turnabout™ stamps, Turnabout™ dies, Turnabout™ stencils, Turnabout™ jigs, Turnabout™ alignment aids and other tools to help you learn to turn- or make it easier if you are already a Turnabout™ pro! We even created a new space in our shop for all these Turnabout™ goodies! Click here for the TURNABOUTS™ page! Not only will you find all things Turnabout™, but you can watch video's to LEARN TO TURN, and about the different types of Turnabout™ we offer!

We invited three talented ladies to help us party this month!
Mindy Eggen, Adelle Emery & Susie Moore

They will be our guest designers using our new January 2019 product release! To kick off the party, they have created projects using our new Everyday Bouquet Turnabout™ Toolkit!

Read below to learn more about our guests, and to see the cute projects they've created for today!

FIRST UP IS MINDY EGGEN @mindyeggendesign:

Art and paper crafting has been in my blood since grade school and hasn’t slowed down. I have a very supportive husband and we have two wonderful children together. My daughter Ali loves crafting as much as me and Dalton is autistic and to no surprise loves to color and paint like mommy! My medium of choice is Copic markers but the real fun comes with creating backgrounds and watching the card take on a personality when it all comes together. My style ranges anywhere from intense background to clean and simple depending on the mood! The joy these cards bring when given to people is the icing on the cake! When I’m not card making or cuddling with the kids, you can find me scrapbooking or catching up on Netflix.


Hi everyone! I’m Adelle and am so very excited and honored to be a guest of Concord & 9th this month. A little about me — I used to be pretty regularly with bullet journaling and based on the videos I watched, YouTube thought they were clever sneaking a Jennifer McGuire video into my recommendations in the autumn of 2017. I swallowed the red pill, watched the video, was completely engrossed, and a little over a year later, here I am, a crafter.

I work in the field of User Experience for web-based enterprise software and have been designing in some form since the early 90s.  My career led me to the more analytical side of design, which professionally I prefer, but it omits the artistic side of design. Crafting fills that gap and what I have found most rewarding is the joy it creates for the recipients. It’s just so easy and such an organic exchange of joy.

I live in Ashburn, VA with my dog Walter and spend my free time crafting, socializing, and volunteering for animal rescues (something I need to amp up in 2019). I’m a Game of Thrones junkie and all I can say is that for the 2-year wait it better be wall-to-wall dragons and dire wolves this season (April!!). A crafty goal of mine this year is to take some Copic classes as this past year has shown them to be my favorite medium, so I’d really like to have more intention with my coloring.



Hello!  I am Susie Moore from Arlington, Texas.  I am wife to Randall, mom to five and grandma to thirteen.  My hobbies include cardmaking, scrapbooking, and home décor.  I am passionate about each, but I fill most days with cardmaking.  I don’t believe a day should pass without creating at least one pretty thing.  And now I can’t wait to share the month of January with you at Concord & 9th.

Be sure to follow each of these talented guests on their Instagram & blogs too!

Mindy Eggen of Mindy Eggen Design @mindyeggendesign
Adelle Emery @craftydell
Susie Moore of Created 4 Creativity @scmoore488

They will be back with us on Friday, 1/11 for our Feature Friday series! Not only will they be showing our new Birthday Basics Turnabout™ Bundle, but also our new Marble Turnabout™ stamp! You'll want to see those projects for sure!!

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January 09, 2019

LOVE the January release and the Tool Kit idea. THANKS for the Alignment Aid Pack. You must have been thinking of me when you created it! So kind of you to provide JIG bundle packs at a discount. Got to get the 4 pack bundle for our next craft weekend at the beach! Looking forward to FUN FUN FUN!

Sara Wright
Sara Wright

January 09, 2019

Wow! Wow! Wow! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been tempted with buying the entire release! (Something that has been accomplished by C9 before in my case – and to date the only company that has tempted me to splurge such a large amount on a single release).
I believe your designers are linked up with me and cater to my distinctive tastes! The facet stencils are so brilliant and the marble stamp fills me with glee! I hope I can purchase the entire bundle… looking for piggy banks now!

Rosalie Johnson
Rosalie Johnson

January 09, 2019

can’t wait!!!

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