For the first 12 days of December we will be giving away products, but it will require you to play! Trust us when we say, you will want to! In the spirit of Christmas cheer, REPOST this for all your followers to hear!
* Each day we will post a different daily giveaway by 10am MST. You can play all 12 days, or just a few. It's up to you!
* Follow the prompts in each post to be entered in to the daily drawing. No repeat winners so there will be lots of chances to win!
* Winner(s) will be announced/tagged in the original daily post by 10am MST the next day. This gives everyone 24 hours to participate.
* Anyone, anywhere in the world can participate!
* December 9th at 9am MST is our next NEW RELEASE! From the 9th through the 12th we are offering SHIPPING CHARGE SAVINGS worldwide! Details on the daily post.
* In addition to our fabulous new release products, from the 9th-12th you can buy the previous giveaways (1st-8th) at discounted prices! Start your wish list NOW!
* There will be a GRAND GIVEAWAY to TWELVE on the 12th!
So? Wanna play? Follow us on INSTAGRAM and get ready! The first day of Christmas starts at 10am MST TODAY.....

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